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glittersprite in fan_tasies

OZ Series 5

In trying to make the 2 mood themes below, I discovered that it's very hard to find screencaps for the HBO series 'OZ'. So I decided to start capping my own 'OZ' dvds (backwards for some bizarre reason).
Here are my screencaps for series 5 of 'OZ'.



Episode 1 - Visitation
Episode 2 - Laws of Gravity
Episode 3 - Dream a Little Dream of Me
Episode 4 - Next Stop: Valhalla
Episode 5 - Wheel of Fortune
Episode 6 - Variety
Episode 7 - Good Intentions
Episode 8 - Impotence

After trying lots of different capping programmes I came to the conclusion that the quality of the caps are due to the way the programme is filmed (gritty realism=grainy screencaps), but I've made some icons out of these caps and they are still very good.

As in the previous post, this is 'Oz' which means these caps will contain nudity, violence and gay scenes.